March 20, 2023


Click the above link to access the MedTrekker Template 

The MEDTREKKER is an application designed to track medications and the effects these medications  have on the patient, providing patients and healthcare providers with pertinent data to assess the patients overall medical, mental and physical conditions. ​

Compliance is one of the biggest challenges for patients and the support team of patients who must take multiple medications. MEDTREKKER is a routine and reminder system. It’s used to communicate with your healthcare team about the medications taken and any side effects in order to help the healthcare team understand the drug and food interaction and the unique impact on the patient. It helps the patient understand what medications they are taking, when to take them and why they are taking them. The MEDTREKKER increases the probability that the patient will take their medications as needed.

Bottom-line, it helps make taking the medication as simple as possible.
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